Marketing Tips For Music Bands

The music business is a competitive one, there’s no denying on that point. Everywhere you look there are aspiring musicians who want to reach the masses and make millions. But for the most part, it’s the band with the strongest marketing campaign that is going to reach the top. Skill alone is not enough if you are not going to have the strategies in place to ensure that people find out about you. In some cases bands are lucky and the right manager hears them at the right time, but these opportunities are few and far between. At the moment bands are forced to establish a big following before record labels will even consider signing them. So here are a few marketing tips (from a local digital marketing¬†Agency based in Melbourne)¬†for music bands to increase their popularity and awareness.

picture of facebook  logo for social media marketing for musicians

Start by making good music. Even though this is self-explanatory, if your band doesn’t produce good music then no amount of marketing is going to help. You can send demos all around the world and put posters on every street corner, nobody will pay attention if they don’t like what they hear. The most popular bands in the world today, including household names, struggled for several years to get exposure and get in front of the right people who could launch them.

The second step is to play as many gigs as possible. It’s crucial not to think about making money in the early stages. Instead, see any gig you get, as valuable exposure. Sometimes all it takes is one crowd to inform the rest of the world how great you are. Music directors and decision makers often frequent these places to look for new talent. In other words, never underestimate the power of people spreading the good music.

Now, for the biggest tip of them all, namely the internet. For musicians in today’s world, there is nothing more effective than the World Wide Web. The best part is that this type of marketing campaign is incredibly cheap, but remains effective. Here’s how you do it.

Start by establishing a website. Post photos of gigs and stream songs. You can even put up videos if you want to. In fact, you can post articles about where the band is going to be, what you guys are working on and add small bios of all the players. Give the impression that you’re already a successful band on your way to greater success.

Now take it a little further and post your music on popular sites, such as YouTube. It might take a few search engine optimization tricks to increase traffic to the videos, but once again, this is relatively cheap. However, don’t stop there. After you’ve posted as many songs and videos on every site you can find, take the focus to social media. You can consult with professionals from local Melbourne SEO Agencies to get expert advice and ensure that you’re getting the maximum exposure online.

Make it a point to be active on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Engage with your followers and keep them updated of your upcoming gigs or New Album Releases. In addition to these popular social media sites, there are several others that you can get involved. There are hundred of social media websites attracting people from all industries and locations. For the music industry, Soundcloud may be a good option for you to upload your music and give people the opportunity to find out about you. This is how you will build a fan base and get your word out. Do not be discouraged if your fan base is slow to grow. Many musicians have stated that their following did not grow exponentially in a short amount of time but rather gradually over several years.

If you have a big budget, which usually isn’t the case for most bands, you can approach publishers. Keep in mind that your music has to be good if you want a publisher to become interested. It helps to establish somewhat of a following and social media presence before you approach them so that you can prove some credibility.

Once the big record labels notice your band you should be in a position to state your terms. By gathering a strong following over the internet you can pull the strings when the big boys come knocking. So there you have some easy marketing tips for your band.